What Is Rehab Like? What To Expect When You Enter Treatment

Drug rehab is something that can be a daunting and embarrassing process. The four stages of rehab described here—treatment initiation, early abstinence, maintaining abstinence, and advanced recovery—were developed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse for its "An Individual Drug Counseling Approach to Treat Cocaine Addiction" resource for healthcare providers.

Substance abuse and addiction is now the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 50. With the epidemic of prescription drug abuse currently affecting the country, overdose and substance abuse is a major public health and safety issue that impacts us all.

The law ( The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act ) requires group health insurance plans that cover more than 50 employees to provide coverage for substance abuse disorders in the same way they do for all other medical and surgical procedures covered by the plan.

When you're in the middle of an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it may seem that these substances are actively causing your you've had the chance to cleanse your system and begin the process of rehab, you'll see that drugs Detox and alcohol don't cause addiction; substance abuse is symptomatic of a much deeper psychological condition.

Returning to an old routine can bring stress and anxiety, especially if people are dealing with an intense craving for alcohol or drugs. This concept applies to both inpatient and outpatient treatment options. Alpha Home's residential, outpatient, and intervention programs are accredited by CARF.

Outpatient treatment is a popular choice amongst those with less serious addictions. The Mayo Clinic identifies psychotherapy, medication treatment, and a strong support system as key components to a successful drug rehab program. In order or start the rehabilitation process detoxification is necessary to rid the body of any harmful drugs.

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